The Registration fee details for ICALT 2020 Conference are listed below. One Registration per paper is mandatory.

Registration Fee Details


Author Registration

(until April 5th, 2020)

Non-Author Early Bird Registration

(until May 5th, 2020)

Non-Author Late/OnSite Registration

(from May 6th, 2020)

470€ (incl. VAT 78,33€; in US$ 517)
470€ (incl. VAT 78,33€; in US$ 517)
590€ (incl. VAT 98,33€; in US$ 649)
585€ (incl. VAT 97,5€; in US$ 644)
585€ (incl. VAT 97,5€; in US$ 644)
710€ (incl. VAT 188,33€; in US$ 781)
IEEE Student-Member**
200€ (incl. VAT 33,33€; in US$ 220)
200€ (incl. VAT 33,33€; in US$ 220)
300€ (incl. VAT 50€; in US$ 330)
IEEE Student Non-Member**
390€ (incl. VAT 65€; in US$ 429)
390€ (incl. VAT 65€; in US$ 429)
485€ (incl. VAT 80,83€; in US$ 534)

All fees include VAT, the VAT is shown in parentheses.


(*) One ICALT 2020 author (including track chairs but excluding conference general chairs, program chairs, doctoral program chairs, publicity chairs, and local organizing committee members) of each accepted paper will be required to register to the conference at a specific flat rate, namely IEEE Member Rate = 470€ (incl. VAT 78,33€; in US$ 517) or IEEE Non-Member Rate = 585€ (incl. VAT 97,5€; in US$ 644)

(**) Only for authors with papers accepted in the Doctoral Consortium track.


The registration fee includes

  • Participation in conference
  • Program book
  • Conference Kit
  • Online access to conference proceedings
  • Lunch and coffee breaks on all conference days
  • Welcome reception and conference banquet


Important Information

  • One registration fee covers only one accepted paper.
  • If an author has two papers accepted, a reduced fee is available for the 'second' paper, provided they have registered at the regular rate for the 'first' paper. The reduced fee for the second paper is 265€ (for an IEEE Member, incl. VAT 44,17€; in US$ 292) and 345€ (for an IEEE Non-Member, incl. VAT 57,50€; in US$ 380) in addition to the full registration fee paid for the first paper.
  • Students who have an accepted paper in tracks other than the Doctoral Consortium track have to pay author fees as listed in the table above (not student fees).
  • Students who have an accepted paper in the Doctoral Consortium track pay the reduced student fees as mentioned in the table above.
  • Students with at least 2 papers, one in the Doctoral Consortium track and one in another track, pay one registration as a student for the Doctoral Consortium and one registration as a regular author for the other papers if a Co-author has not paid a full registration.
  • Students need to send proof from their Ph.D. supervisor/coordinator via email to
  • Post-doctoral students are not considered students, therefore they have to pay the regular fees.
  • Chairs of ICALT 2020 have to pay the registration fee for paper publication.
  • Authors need to pay and register until April 5th for the paper to be published.


Cancellation/Refund Policy

Author registrations cannot be canceled. However, transfer of registration in the same category is permitted.
Non-Author Registrant may request for refund of registration fee. Such request will be considered if a written request (email acceptable) is received before June 28, 2020. These refunds are subject to a 90€ cancellation fee. No refunds can be issued for requests after June 28, 2020.


Online Registration

Please refer to the important information section below before starting the registration process.

Payments are possible by bank transfer and credit card.

In case you choose to pay by bank transfer, our system will send information on our bank transaction details on the registree’s e-mail. In case you choose to pay by credit card, our system will send an invoice on the registree’s e-mail after a successful credit-card transaction.

Please note, the Author Registration is applicable until April 5th , Non-Author Early Bird fee is applicable until May 5th (including) and Late registration fee must be paid by June 30th the latest.


Important Information

  • IEEE Student Member / Non-Member author rate is available only for authors of papers in the doctoral consortium. Students who are registering as authors of papers selected as "full paper, short paper, poster" in tracks other than doctoral consortium must register at IEEE Member Rate / IEEE Non-Member Rate and pay the corresponding fees under "Author Registration" column.
  • If you have multiple papers you must register for the first paper at a specific flat rate, namely IEEE Member Rate / IEEE Non-Member Rate. For the second paper, you must select the “Additional 2nd paper fee” (IEEE Member Rate / IEEE Non-Member rate) for the second paper: 265€ (for an IEEE Member, incl. VAT 44,17€) and 345€ (for an IEEE Non-Member, incl. VAT 57,50€). From the third paper on, you must register for the flat rate (IEEE Member Rat /IEEE Non-Member Rate). If you have questions to register for more than 3 papers under the same author registration, please send an email to with the title Same Author More than 3 papers.
  • Please fill the Organization (invoice to) cell correctly. It cannot be changed later.
  • When paying by bank transfer, then please write in the description: ICALT2020, Your_Family_Name

The personal data will be processed solely for the purpose of sharing information and reporting the event. The photos taken at the conference are used on the ICALT website and social media in advertising the conference.

The paymets can only be done in euros.


Please enter your details below and choose the payment method: